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About: This is a safe environment for fans of the HBO show "Game of Thrones" and the book series "A Song of Ice and Fire" by George R.R. Martin to express our feelings over the cast, characters, plot lines, and more. Please, keep your thoughts respectful. Even if you don't like a cast member, character, or twist in the story, I ask that you don't send overly hateful confessions. You may express your negative feelings, of course, but keep it semi-tame. This should be a safe environment, not one of contempt.

Send your confessions into the ask box, and I will try to have them up as soon as I can!

*All confessions are anonymous unless you specify that you would like to be given credit.*

*All MAJOR spoilers for A Clash of Kings and onward are under Read More cuts, but I cannot guarantee that you won't see minor spoilers (such as new characters) on the blog.

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Poll #13 Result:

This or That: Who would you bring back for Season 2 (out of only these two characters) if you had the power — Ned or Jory?

This was so close, but in the end… JORY would come back if our fandom had a choice!

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Poll #12 Result:

When did you first get into the series?

It looks like most of our followers started reading between… 2011 and Today!

(Source: got-confessions)

Poll #11 Result:

This or That: Who would you rather have on the Iron Throne — Jon or Daenerys?

It was a close poll, but… Daenerys is the Khaleesi of our fandom!

(Source: got-confessions)

Poll #10 Result:

It seems as if our fanbase looks up to… The Old Gods the most! :)

Honorable mentions go to The Many-Faced God (6 votes), the Shephard (1 vote), and The Great Other (1 vote) even though they weren’t in the poll. :)

(Source: got-confessions)

Poll #9 Result:

What is your favorite house motto?

And the fandom seems to live by the words… “Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken”!

Followed very closely by “Ours is the Fury”!

Honorable mention goes to “Here We Stand” even though it wasn’t in the poll. :)

(Source: got-confessions)

Poll #8 Result:

What is your favorite S1 episode?

This is one of the most spread out polls we’ve ever had!

Even so… Fire and Blood wins!

(Source: got-confessions)

Poll #7 Result:

Which book was your favorite?

The overwhelming majority thinks… A Storm of Swords is the best book!

I apologize that it took me longer than usual to get the results out! I’ve been working longer hours to get ready for the Thanksgiving holiday. :)

(Source: got-confessions)

Poll #6 Result:

Who is your favorite Stark child?

It seems as though most of the blog is… Team ARYA.

(Source: got-confessions)

Poll #5 Result:

Which Lannister on the Iron Throne?

This blog is proud to present… King Tyrion Lannister!

Honorable mentions to the choices of “All three,” Bran Stark, Tommen Baratheon, Myrcella Baratheon, Daenerys Targaryen, Tywin Lannister, and Gerion Lannister even though they weren’t on the list.

(Source: got-confessions)

Poll #4 Result:

Who is the most aptly named direwolf?

And it seems like the followers believe the name… GHOST fits the wolf best!

(Source: got-confessions)

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