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About: This is a safe environment for fans of the HBO show "Game of Thrones" and the book series "A Song of Ice and Fire" by George R.R. Martin to express our feelings over the cast, characters, plot lines, and more. Please, keep your thoughts respectful. Even if you don't like a cast member, character, or twist in the story, I ask that you don't send overly hateful confessions. You may express your negative feelings, of course, but keep it semi-tame. This should be a safe environment, not one of contempt.

Send your confessions into the ask box, and I will try to have them up as soon as I can!

*All confessions are anonymous unless you specify that you would like to be given credit.*

*All MAJOR spoilers for A Clash of Kings and onward are under Read More cuts, but I cannot guarantee that you won't see minor spoilers (such as new characters) on the blog.

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Anonymous asked: For spoiler-y confessions, why don't you tag which book it spoils? I'm almost at the end of SoS, so some of the confessions are not a spoiler for me, and it's tough to feel like I can't see any of them until I finish the series!

Actually, I do! :)

Sometimes there’s not a specific book (and I will mark it as such, like the Rhaegar one), because it’s more compiled from everything the confessor has seen/read. But most of the time they will be the last tag on the confession:

I do admit that I forgot about the Tommen one yesterday, but I have gone back to fix it! I hope that helps you. If there is ever one that you see which doesn’t have a spoiler tag, let me know and I will fix it! Sometimes mistakes will happen and I’m sorry for that. :)

Anonymous asked: After seeing the other person credited for the confession, I'm afraid you'll put my name on my confession too. :(

The only time a person is given credit for their confession is if they specifically say “I would like to be given credit for this” at the time of submission. So unless you said that in your message, your confession will be kept anonymous. (So far, the previous submitter is the only one who has had that request!) :)

I thought I put this in the Info section of the blog, but I will go back and double-check to be sure that information is up. I hope this eases your fear, anon!

Anonymous asked: Generally how long would you say it takes you to get a confession up? I sent 2 about a month ago and haven't seen either. I resent one of them weeks ago, just in case. Also curious to hear from other people whose confessions are not getting through. Just wondering at what point, and how often, I should assume confessions are eaten.

It depends on whether or not your confession was a spoiler or not. Generally (if it is not a spoiler) I would say 1-2 weeks. If it is a spoiler for later books/seasons, then it will be longer depending on what character it is because a lot are sent in about the same characters — I like to keep them spread out!

If you’d like something more specific to your confessions, you can come off anon and we can talk. :)

About the recent anon~

I’ve received a message that the poster wanted to keep private because it wasn’t anonymous, but they wanted to say that the previous message was meant as a joke. While I really love having fun conversations privately with my follows, I tend to take most messages seriously. (Especially when they’re anonymous, since people who are hurt/upset/etc. are more comfortable that way). I welcome anyone to my ask box, but I ask you to give me a tiny hint that messages are jokes or just general chatter if you believe they could be taken seriously.

Thank you! :)

(Source: got-confessions)

Anonymous asked: If I submitted a confession a couple days ago but I want to change it or not have it posted, is it possible to do that?

Of course! I actually had someone ask me this morning to do this. I will always try to do my best to make sure your confessions are posted (or not posted) the way you want. :)

If you’re going to make a request to change the wording of your confession (or delete it altogether), it will be best if you describe it as best as you can.

-Bad Example: “I want you to delete the confession I sent in about Jaime.” (This might be possible if you submitted under your URL and I haven’t deleted it from the ask box yet when I made the graphic, but it’s still a bit hard to find the right one you’re talking about. It’s probably impossible if you submitted it anon and are asking me about it anon, as well.) I get a lot of confessions about popular characters such as Sansa, Jaime, Cersei… etc. I won’t know which one is yours!

-Good Example: “I’d like you to delete the confession about Jaime and the fanfiction I wrote about him and his favorite horse.” You don’t have to tell me the exact wording of it, but this gives me a good basis to go off of when I search for your submission. :)

Quick Reminder~

I try not to post responses to confessions that I get through my ask box only because that would clog up everyone’s dashboards. If you’d like to respond to, agree with, or disagree with a confession, I encourage you to either use the reply feature that is enabled after following this blog for two weeks or reblog it with you response. Because I assume your intended audience is the confessor (not me, since I don’t submit any personal confessions), they will only be able to see your comments if you reply/reblog. :)

Thank you!

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Since I’ve gained quite a few followers~

Because I’ve gained quite a few followers since last posting about this, I just wanted to say that I try not to answer anon questions here that don’t have anything to do with GOT/ASOIAF or this blog. If there are comments or questions related to other things, feel free to ask off-anon and I can respond privately! But personal anon questions are things I try not to answer here if at all possible.

Thank you for understanding! :)

If you want to look for other Mod Posts or FAQs, please visit those pages I’ve linked. You can also find links to them under the Info section on the blog page.

Anonymous asked: you hate the dothraki? :(

Not to pick on you, sweetie, but this presents me with an opportunity to say this again. I’ve gained a lot of followers since I was last presented with a question like this.

I don’t submit any of the confessions to the blog, and I keep any personal commentary on the confessions to my personal blog. I answer some “Who are your favorites?” type of questions every once in awhile if I’m asked, but that’s all. Any mod notes I make on confessions are usually only for giving credit, linking to products in the pictures, or letting the confessor know that my computer crashed unexpectedly and I might not have gotten the wording on their secret completely right (happened only a few times). :)

So, the confession about the Dothraki was not from my mind. I hope that clears things up!

Responding to 20+ asks I received yesterday~

Trigger Warning: Rape

For those of you that decided to submit so many confessions in reference to the one posted yesterday about no one deserving to be raped and explain why about 15 different characters (and 2 actors) deserve this treatment, I want you to know that those confessions will not be posted.

You might not understand the implications of what you’re saying, but it’s completely out of line to ever suggest something like that. I hope none of you ever have to deal with the pain, degradation, and trauma that is associated with the survivors of rape and sexual assault… So please, do not send those confessions in to this blog.

(Source: got-confessions)

Hello, anon! I have a lot of confessions that could fit your description and one was posted yesterday. :)
I’m not picking on you, hun, but I think it’s time that I make a new rule. I’m not going to be able to answer anon questions about the status of confessions. It’s a lot easier to ask off-anon where I can answer privately, I promise I won’t judge you or post your message! Thanks for understanding, everyone. <3

Hello, anon! I have a lot of confessions that could fit your description and one was posted yesterday. :)

I’m not picking on you, hun, but I think it’s time that I make a new rule. I’m not going to be able to answer anon questions about the status of confessions. It’s a lot easier to ask off-anon where I can answer privately, I promise I won’t judge you or post your message! Thanks for understanding, everyone. <3

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