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About: This is a safe environment for fans of the HBO show "Game of Thrones" and the book series "A Song of Ice and Fire" by George R.R. Martin to express our feelings over the cast, characters, plot lines, and more. Please, keep your thoughts respectful. Even if you don't like a cast member, character, or twist in the story, I ask that you don't send overly hateful confessions. You may express your negative feelings, of course, but keep it semi-tame. This should be a safe environment, not one of contempt.

Send your confessions into the ask box, and I will try to have them up as soon as I can!

*All confessions are anonymous unless you specify that you would like to be given credit.*

*All MAJOR spoilers for A Clash of Kings and onward are under Read More cuts, but I cannot guarantee that you won't see minor spoilers (such as new characters) on the blog.

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Anonymous asked: Does your theme prevent tags from showing up? I know you tag stuff, but on the recent spoilery Chett confession, I was looking for to see if you tagged it with the book, and couldn't see any tags. Just wondering :)

Yes, my theme is tricky that way! I’m sorry. Missing E has a “back to dash” feature where you can see the post on your dashboard and all of the tags with it, if you’d like to look into it!


But for the Chett confession, the spoiler tag was for ASOS! :)

Anonymous asked: I follow this blog for confessions, not random ass posts about trailers. Please limit posting those things. You do it way too much.

I tried looking back the last week, and I believe I’ve only posted four things that were not confessions, announcements, or questions relating to the blog. I hadn’t realized that amount seemed like a lot, and I’m sorry if it has bothered you. That was never my intention. I usually tag them with “Season 2” if you’re interested in getting Tumblr Savior to block that tag.

I’ll post this on the blog to see if others feel the same way? If so, I’ll consider limiting those kinds of posts in the future. :)

Anon questions~

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Anon question about latest ADWD confession~

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Anonymous asked: For spoiler-y confessions, why don't you tag which book it spoils? I'm almost at the end of SoS, so some of the confessions are not a spoiler for me, and it's tough to feel like I can't see any of them until I finish the series!

Actually, I do! :)

Sometimes there’s not a specific book (and I will mark it as such, like the Rhaegar one), because it’s more compiled from everything the confessor has seen/read. But most of the time they will be the last tag on the confession:

I do admit that I forgot about the Tommen one yesterday, but I have gone back to fix it! I hope that helps you. If there is ever one that you see which doesn’t have a spoiler tag, let me know and I will fix it! Sometimes mistakes will happen and I’m sorry for that. :)

Anonymous asked: I'm just curious about something. When people send you messages anon, or confessions, do you sometimes recognize them by their writing styles, remember who they are from an occasion when they talked to you off-anon? I bet all your followers are scared with the possibility that you've known all along who confessed what now =]

Don’t be scared, dear anon (or any follower)!

Sometimes I do recognize writing styles, so I can pair up confessions that I believe come from one person. I know a few friends of mine send in anon ones to see if I can guess if it’s them (you know who you are!). It’s a fun guessing game for me sometimes. And I love when I see someone comment “This is mine” because I like going to their blog and looking through their reasoning for their thoughts. :)

But, really, don’t be nervous or scared. I’m a harmless thing!

dovahkiinkhaleesi-deactivated20 asked: Do you (or any of your followers) know where I can find photos of Gethin Anthony out of character (not dressed as Renly?) You're the most reliable Game of Thrones blog I've seen, so I thought maybe you'd know. He deleted his Twitter. -tear, tear-

I think there are some in the Tumblr tags, but I’ve only seen one blog/site~ (FY Gethin Anthony which has some of Renly, but also a lot of just Gethin!)

If anyone knows of other places for pictures, you can send dovahkiinkhaleesi a message! :)

Anonymous asked: Hello! I'm asking this anon because it might sound silly for people who have English as a first language, yet others might have the same question: do you know why the men of the NW are called "crows", not "ravens"? I admit it does sound better, but I can't see any difference in meaning, since both words are translated the same way around here...

Actually, I think that’s a good question, and one that I don’t have the answer for! I never thought about it… I’m not sure if it’s been said other places. I did a bit of research and this is all I found:

Men of the Night’s Watch are garbed all in black, a tradition that earned them the nickname “crows,” [edited for potential spoiler]. While some use this name derogatorily, many in the Night’s Watch have adopted the term for their own use. They are also called “the black brothers,” and in song they’ve been called the “black knights of the Wall.”

Anonymous asked: Will you be doing another giveaway soon?

Right now I’m tight on money, but I hope to in the future! Maybe during or after Season 2? I love showing how much I appreciate my followers and friends. Just keep your eyes open! :)

Hi, hun! His quote is in A Clash of Kings, but it’s set up a little differently. I’ve put a section of it under the cut (in case some people don’t want to spoiled). :)

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