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About: This is a safe environment for fans of the HBO show "Game of Thrones" and the book series "A Song of Ice and Fire" by George R.R. Martin to express our feelings over the cast, characters, plot lines, and more. Please, keep your thoughts respectful. Even if you don't like a cast member, character, or twist in the story, I ask that you don't send overly hateful confessions. You may express your negative feelings, of course, but keep it semi-tame. This should be a safe environment, not one of contempt.

Send your confessions into the ask box, and I will try to have them up as soon as I can!

*All confessions are anonymous unless you specify that you would like to be given credit.*

*All MAJOR spoilers for A Clash of Kings and onward are under Read More cuts, but I cannot guarantee that you won't see minor spoilers (such as new characters) on the blog.

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"It pisses me off that there’s all this stigma attached to Joffrey being a  product of incest when Dany’s entire family was built on incest too."

"It pisses me off that there’s all this stigma attached to Joffrey being a product of incest when Dany’s entire family was built on incest too."

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    It’s because the Targaryens were not native to Westeros. Within the context of the series, they were the invaders who...
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    YES. I get that most people just don’t like Joffrey because of his cruelty, but there are always people criticising...
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    Yes, but it gives us something else to insult him over. Nobody cares about Tommen and Myrcella, the little dears. He’s...
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    I agree to many times people point to Joffery’s problem as being a product of Incest when people forget that his Brother...
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    They are all ridiculous. But I guess maybe it’s also okay to the Targaryens because they married AND had babies with...
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    The only reason I am reblogging this right now is because I saw that Tommen and Myrcella were mentioned. Also I want...
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    Well, by Westeros standards, incest is hit-and-miss. The same incest that created Dany and an assumingly good Rhaegar...
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    I thought it was because Joffrey is a total asshat and Dany is not. Really, I don’t think anyone even gives a shit about...
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